Dam Nové Mlýny

The complex of three water-reservoirs under Palava (the upper is Musovska, middle Vestonicka, and the lower Novomlynska) on the river Dyje. Until 1970 it was the largest grove landscape in Middle Europe. Then the landscape has changed a lot, because of water-reservoirs and rectification of flows. The work should protect surroundings before yearly floods and should extend agriculture activity.

The upper reservoir serves as a place for recreation and irrigation. The middle one is natural reservation with artificial islands for bird’s nesting. On one of those the Roman- Gothic church of St. Linhart has survive as a memory of the village Musov. The lower reservoir is a place of recreation, irrigation and electricity production. Nove Mlyny is a place of bathing, fishery, windsurfing and shipping. The surrounding is suitable for walking, outings or cycling.
Palava from Nove Mlyny
Reservoir Nové Mlýny from ruin od castle Dívčí hradReservoir Nové Mlýny from ruin od castle Dívčí hrad
Nove Mlyny from castle Divci hrad
Dam Nové MlýnyDam Nové Mlýny
Small church of former village Musov
Dam Nové MlýnyDam Nové Mlýny
Pavlov and Novomlýnská damPavlov and Novomlýnská dam
Pavlov and Nove Mlyny